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A Babycare TENS can be used by your partner too!
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Lady TENS - 35 Day Hire for 29.95
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Lady TENS machine for hireLady TENS in handLady TENS machine closed
Lady TENS - 35 Day Hire for €29.95

The Lady TENS is so simple to use. Everything is pre-set except for the intensity, which is controlled by just one dial. At the onset of a contraction, simply press the booster button for that extra surge of pain combatting power.

The Lady TENS was brilliant and so easy to use. It enabled me to have the natural
birth I was hoping for. Our son Luke William was born on October 2nd, after I used the
Lady TENS for approximately 12 hours. Ms. E.R. Berks

Thank you the TENS was incredibly successful...we have a lovely baby now! L Doherty

Thank you for the hire of the Babycare TENS machine, it helped me achieve a drug free
birth. Baby Neve arrived days late and with the help of the Lady TENS I felt very much
in control of the contractions. A Gallagher>

  • Dual channel
  • 4 large pads
  • Easy to use
  • One dial controls all
  • Slide down cover
  • Integrated boost button for contractions
  • Pulse Rate 70Hz
  • Pulse Width 150us fixed
  • Strong belt clip

  • 4 large electrode pads 40 x 100 mm
  • 2 leads + 1 spare
  • 1 battery + 1 spare
  • Instruction manual
  • Soft carrying pouch

The 29.95 cost covers 35 days hire and includes free delivery within the Rep of Ireland.
Units are dispatched 4 weeks before your due date. Allow 3-5 working days for

Channels: Dual Channel
Output Waveform: Asymmetrical bi-phasic rectangular
Output Modes: Continuous and burst
Output Intensity: 0-80 mA (500 ohms load)
Output voltage: 110V (open circuit)
Pulse Rate: Constant mode - 70Hz
Pulse Width: 150 microseconds fixed
Burst Mode: 2 bursts per second, a burst Consists of 8 pulses
Power Source: 9V PP3 battery Battery Current: 5.5 mA (MAX) (open circuit)
Unit Size: 105mm x 34mm x 24mm Unit Weight: 57gms
Output jacks: Touchproof

Ruby Service: add 13.00 Details...
Add: set of electrodes for practise before labour: €5.50 (Save €2.50)
Add: pre-TENS skin prep: €5.95 Details...
Add: A women's guide to drug free pain relief: 6.95 Details...


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